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Damiana Damiana flourishes in hot, humid regions in Central America, South America, and Texas. It has a bright yellow flower, and was used as an herbal remedy by many native Mexican cultures to treat respiratory, neurological, and sexual disorders. It was introduced to the United States in 1874, and has since been used to treat sexual disorders, or as treatment for depression since it is a euphoric.

Although few systematic studies have been completed to support the effectiveness of damiana, the reported effects of damiana as inducing euphoria indicate that damiana, when taken in small quantities, could be a relaxant and reduce anxiety. This would also logically support damiana’s effectiveness in treating sexual disorders, since sexual dysfunction could be a result of stress or anxiety.

Possible Side Effects and Interactions

The leaves of the damiana plant can be a gentle laxative, and so when taken to excess it can lead to diarrhea. Also, since few studies of damiana exist, there is little knowledge of how damiana can affect female hormones, so damiana should not be taken by pregnant women.

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