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Feverfew Feverfew is thought to alleviate pain related to menstrual cramping, arthritis, and migraines and is believed to increase appetite and cure asthma. Feverfew contains nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, niacin, and Iron.

Benefits of Feverfew

Historically feverfew has been used to manage and treat fevers as will as lessen inflammation and pain associated with arthritis. Research has recently been conducted to find if feverfew can stop migraines. Early evidence is suggesting that feverfew may prevent the severity and occurrence of migraines. However, feverfew does not seem to affect migraines that have already started. Researchers used to think that a single compound found in feverfew was what helped migraine prevention. Now research is supporting several compounds in feverfew combine to prevent migraines. Fresh feverfew is believed to be more effective than dried feverfew.

Dosage and Administration

In the past people consumed feverfew similarly to chewing tobacco, receiving nutrients from chewed leaves. This method can cause stomach and mouth irritation. Today feverfew is usually ingested in the form of extracts, capsules, and tablets made from dried feverfew; these forms do not cause irritation. Various dosages exist; clinical studies used 50 or 100 mg daily to prevent migraines. Up to 250 mg of feverfew can be taken without causing side effects. To prevent migraines, feverfew needs to be ingested for a minimum of four to six weeks.

To make feverfew tea, place one teaspoon of the dried leaves in 5 to 8 ounces of water. Boil for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain the leaves from the tea. Drink as much tea as preferred. The tea can also be applied to the skin to work as an insect repellent.

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