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The benefits of these xanthones have been studied with regard to nearly all of the body's systems.

It's easy to see why people past and present have used Mangosteen for outstanding nutritional support. Finally, science is catching up...

The Research on Mangosteen

An enormous amount of modern study and research has been channeled toward unlocking the secrets of this remarkable fruit. In fact, scientists have actually identified the major compounds found in the Mangosteen that are responsible for its healthful characteristics.

These days, everybody knows about free radicals and antioxidants. Free radicals attack the cells in our bodies every second of every day. Much has been made of the extensive antioxidant properties of vitamins, especially Vitamin C and Vitamin E. In fact, there is a whole family of xanthones, and the most dynamic of these are found in the amazing fruit Mangosteen.

The Research on Xanthones

Xanthones have been the subject of intense research for several decades. they are found in a select number of rain forest plants, but nowhere are they found in more abundance than in the pericarp, or rind, of the Mangosteen fruit. This smooth, purple covering that was ground with ancient mortars turns out to be the mother lode of beneficial xanthones.

The two most beneficial xanthones found in the Mangosteen have been named Alpha Mangostin and Gamma Mangostin. When isolated and thoroughly tested by researchers, these two xanthones have been found to carry a host of benefits. According to professional journals such as Free Radical Research, Journal of Pharmacology, and the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, these xanthones are some of the most powerful antioxidants to be found in nature.

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