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Pus that forms in a cavity therefore causing swelling and possibly pain. It is a direct reaction of the body's response to rid itself of bacteria, foreign bodies, parasites, etc.

  • Make sure you are taking supplements for overall good health. If you are not taking these basic supplements, we recommend Enfuz from Vitabase. When you take a small packet of pills each day, you get all the basic nutrition you need. Each packet contains a multi-vitamin, CoQ10 (for heart health), Omega 3, Vitamin D-3, a probiotic, and a powerful set of antioxidants to help your body fight off disease.
  • An abscess can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream if drainage was not properly done. This must be taken care of by a physical as soon as possible before further damage is done.
  • Before taking a bath or showering, take the bandages off, gently clean the wound with surgical, antibacterial, or a mild, unscented soap. When bath is finished redress the wound with a clean dressing.
  • Dental abscesses can be prevented by regular brushing of teeth and flossing. Have regular dental checkups.
  • Getting lots of bed rest, increasing your fluid intake, alternating with warm-water soaks and ice packs, soaking in tub of hot water, applying a moist heating pad, or even using a heat lamp will help to heal the abscess and reduce the pain.
  • If a dental abscess is suspected it must be determined which type of abscess is present so that the right treatment can be given. There are three types of dental abscesses, and with all three it is important that the pus be drained out. Extraction or a root canal may be necessary.
  • If you have an abscess it is important that you keep a check on it to insure it is healing properly. Sometimes abscesses can be deep where it is not readily seen. Occasionally, the abscess will be in the liver or brain, and causing damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Practicing good hygiene and keeping your body clean will keep a sore or injury from becoming infected thereby preventing an abscess from forming.
  • Proper nutrition and heat treatment from a warm water compress, would probably be all that would be needed for treating mild external abscesses. In many cases the abscesses will be more advanced and need to be treated with antibiotics or herbs. By using B vitamins and acidophilus, healing may enhanced.
  • Should the abscess be punctured or open and exposed to the air, see a physician to ensure no bacteria has entered the wound thus needing to be re-cleaned. The physician may have to perform minor surgery by making a cut across and through the abscess in order to drain it properly.
  • Taking vitamins that are lacking that usually are present with skin eruptions need to be addressed, and insuring the blood is cleansed will assist the healing process.

  • Add Vitamin B, acidophilus and yogurt to your daily intake if you are taking antibiotics.
  • Blocking abscesses.
  • Call your doctor if you suffer from bleeding, swelling, discharge, pain or redness.
  • Daily Eat Pineapple (fresh) it battles inflammation and helps healing with bromelain.
  • External abscess use honey on the infective area, because honey kills viruses and bacteria by pulling the moisture out of the abscess.
  • Fast with naturally fresh juices for 24-72 hrs.
  • Mix Chlorophyll Liquid and water to clean the area multiple times per day.
  • Need to increase essential minerals with kelp.

Helpful nutrients for this condition.

Importance: High
Comments: Stimulates immune system. Helps fight infection. Beneficial for skin disorders.

Colloidal silver
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Antibiotic. Disinfectant. Kills parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Importance: Moderate
Comments: Immune system stimulant. Antibiotic.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Strong antioxidant. Sublingual form is best for absorption.

Vitamin A
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Helps repair tissue. Guards cell walls against bacteria. Enhances immune system. Safest and most effective absorption in emulsion form when taking high dosage.

Natural carotenoid complex (Betatene)
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Encourages healing. Potent antioxidant.

Vitamin B complex
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Restores lost nutrients. Helps with healing.

Vitamin C
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Stimulates immune system. Helps heal tissue.

Vitamin E
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Beneficial for circulation and tissue oxygenation. Stimulates immune system. Encourages healing.

Helpful herbs and supplements for this condition.

Type: External
Purposes: Beneficial for healing abscesses. Helps to remove toxins through the sweat glands; therefore, it is used for conditions such as boils, fever, styles and infections.

Cayenne (capsicum)
Type: Internal
Purposes: Known as a blood red warming herb that purifies and helps to cleanse the blood.
Cautions: If you suffer from heartburn, hiatal hernia, gastritis, or peptic ulcer disease, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

Type: Internal
Purposes: Contains nutritive salts to build up the blood. Used for Liver and Kidney disorders.

Red Clover
Type: Internal
Purposes: Fomentations and poultices of this herb have been used as a local application to aid in healing of abscesses.

Yellow Dock
Type: Internal
Purposes: Works well in treating skin problems such as abscesses by pulling toxins out of the tissues.

Chamomile Tea
Type: Dental
Purposes: The warmth will actually ease the pain & help draw the infection out.
Dosage: 1 cup 3-4 x daily

Chamomile Tea
Type: External
Purposes: Useful as a poultice to reduce the infection & swelling.
Dosage: Apply to the outside of the cheek 1-2 times daily for 5-10 minutes

Combination echinacea, goldenseal, & astragalus or suma tea
Type: Internal
Purposes: Drinking this along with distilled water and fresh lemon juice will aid in ridding the body of the impurities that causes abscesses.
Dosage: 3 cups daily
Cautions: Avoid astragalus if you have a fever. Don't use echinacea if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Goldenseal should be limited to one week's use unless you talk to your doctor.

Echinacea Tea or Extract
Type: Dental
Purposes: Can be used as a mouthwash.
Dosage: Rinse with warm water every two hours

Lobelia & Slippery Elm Bark
Type: External
Purposes: Useful as a poultice as it will sooth the pain and fight infection.

Milk thistle
Type: Internal
Purposes: Milk Thistle has been shown to nutritionally support healthy liver function. Used for reducing inflammations of the liver. Helpful in cleansing the blood.

Tea tree oil
Type: External
Purposes: Is a strong natural antiseptic that destroys infectious organisms without destroying healthy tissues and cells.
Dosage: 1 part tea tree oil with 4 parts water & apply 3 x daily