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Aluminum Toxicity

The Normal person takes in between 3 and 10 milligrams of aluminum daily. It is also absorbed into the body through the lungs, the digestive tract, the skin and body tissues. The biggest source of aluminum comes from our water. Toxic amounts of aluminum can impair the kidneys and reduced mental alertness. Colic, rickets, gastrointestinal problems, interference with the metabolism of calcium, extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function, memory loss, speech problems, softening of the bones, and aching muscles can all be caused by aluminum toxicity.

  • Make sure you are taking supplements for overall good health. If you are not taking these basic supplements, we recommend Enfuz from Vitabase. When you take a small packet of pills each day, you get all the basic nutrition you need. Each packet contains a multi-vitamin, CoQ10 (for heart health), Omega 3, Vitamin D-3, a probiotic, and a powerful set of antioxidants to help your body fight off disease.
  • Acid rain draws aluminum out of the ground and deposits it into drinking water.
  • Most researchers do not trust that aluminum can be chelated from the body, but can be dislodged or moved. Therefore, when using chelation therapy, choose the oral chelating agents only.
  • Research has found that cooking food longer in aluminum pots makes them corrode more, thus allowing more aluminum compounds to enter into the food as it cooks and then this is entered into the body. Some of the types of foods that breakdown the aluminum due to their acid forming properties are: coffee, cheese, meats, black and green tea, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, turnips, spinach, and radishes.

  • Avoid product containing aluminum or dihydroxyaluminum.
  • High Fiber Diet to also include apple pectin.
  • Only use stainless steel, glass, or iron to cook your food in.

Helpful nutrients for this condition.
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Helpful herbs and supplements for this condition.

Type: Internal
Purposes: Based on studies Burdock Root Tea has a powerful anti-inflammatory activity and reduces liver damage from toxic chemicals. The tea is thought to be a blood purifier and diuretic. Burdock Root and its tea contain flavonoid -type antioxidants that protect the body against cellular damage and abnormal growths caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.
Cautions: Diabetics should consult with their physicians before using this herb.
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Type: Internal
Purposes: Echinacea is a tissue toxifier that stimulated digestion and acts to promote perspiration to sweat out toxins. Echinacea stimulates the body's immune system against all manner of irregular conditions caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.
Cautions: Pregnant or lactating women, or persons with auto immune conditions should not take echinacea. Not to be used long term.
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Type: Internal
Purposes: Ginseng enhances the immune system by boosting the body's production of natural killer cells. Stimulates the entire body energy to overcome stress, fatigue and weakness.
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Ginkgo biloba
Type: Internal
Purposes: Ginkgo Biloba has a proven anti-oxidant activity in the brain and central nervous system that stimulates circulation to the brain and extremities.
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Type: Internal
Purposes: Fiber removes toxic metals from the body.
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