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Infection by a fungus that is similar to yeast that can affect the mouth, vagina, skin, stomach, & urinary tract. Symptoms can be itching, cracking, rashes, etc.

  • Make sure you are taking supplements for overall good health. If you are not taking these basic supplements, we recommend Enfuz from Vitabase. When you take a small packet of pills each day, you get all the basic nutrition you need. Each packet contains a multi-vitamin, CoQ10 (for heart health), Omega 3, Vitamin D-3, a probiotic, and a powerful set of antioxidants to help your body fight off disease.
  • AIDS and Candidiasis have much the same symptoms and therefore are often misdiagnosed. They both cause immunosuppressive symptoms. Acute yeast infections are prevalent in patients with AIDS.
  • Any person that has to depend on antibiotics for an extended length of time or has to undergo chemotherapy may be at high risk for severe cases of candidiasis. Having to take antibiotics may also deplete vitamin K in the system which is made by the so called "good bacteria" in the intestines. Some of the foods that will help you to recover the vitamin K balance are: leafy greens, alfalfa, strawberries, whole grains, and yogurt.
  • At this time there is still no accurate test that can be given to determine if Candida is present. In some cases Candida could be the cause for a baby's diaper rash, but it is very hard to diagnosis as the cause.
  • Candida Forte from Nature's Plus has been beneficial in the treatment of a mild case of candidiasis.
  • Candidiasis can be caused by high levels of mercury in the body. Mercury salts stop the growth of needed good bacteria in the intestines. You can check for mercury in your system by having an examination of a sampling of your hair.
  • Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and aids in healing. Colloidal silver is a clear golden liquid made up of 99.9 percent pure silver particles suspended in pure water. It can be applied topically, intravenously or orally.
  • If it is suspect that you have Candida your physician may require that you have an allergy test done first.
  • It has been known to happen that both mother and baby develop thrush. Usually the infant develops an oral thrush; whereas, the mother will get a thrush infection of her nipples. Both the infant and mother must see a physician to treat this infection, this would also be the case if only one of them has the infection.
  • It is believed by some that candidiasis might be related to hypoglycemia.
  • Treating vulvovaginal candidiasis is now done mainly with over-the-counter (OTC) antifungal therapies. Women are encouraged to self-medicate, and often do so using some of the following products: butoconazole cream, clotrimazole vaginal tablets, miconazole cream or suppositories, nystatin vaginal tablets, tioconazole ointment or cream, and fluconazole oral tablets. The majority of these products can be purchased OTC, though some of the names may be different depending on the brand. It is recommended that only the women that have had a proper diagnosis use these OTC products. By using the OTC products without a proper diagnosis can lead to the development of drug resistant strains of yeast, which would then need to be treated with stronger medications. Nystatin and antibiotics overuse can damage organs and weaken the immune system, and for this reason many physicians do not prescribe them anymore. Chronic vulvovaginal symptoms are essentially common but can be very hard for the patient and even the physician to diagnosis. It is not wise to self treat with the OTC preparations, especially if the symptoms are recurring frequently.

  • Avoid corticosteroids and contraceptives.
  • For one month, keep citrus fruits out of your diet. After that time, you can incorporate them back into your diet by eating them sparingly.
  • Include millet, brown rice, vegetable, and fish in your diet regimen.
  • It is important to get a new toothbrush every thirty days in order to cut out infections caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • Only consume distilled water.
  • Only hypoallergenic supplements are recommended.
  • Persistent candida infections may indicate a more serious health issue like diabetes or immune system disorders.
  • Plain yogurt with live cultures is beneficial. Those with vaginal candidiasis can apply natural, unsweetened, unprocessed yogurt directly to the infection. It can also be used as a douche when mixed with an equal part of water. Another cleansing option is to mix two open acidophilus capsules with a douche.
  • Remove yeast, sugar, and fruit from your diet as these can contribute to candida.
  • Stay away from damp places like basements, along with chlorinated water, synthetic textiles, mothballs, and chemical products and cleaners.
  • Stay away from the following: alcohol, aged cheeses, chocolate, dried fruit, baked goods, grains that are made of gluten (rye, barley, wheat, and oats), honey, ham, pickles, raw mushrooms, nut butters, soy sauce, vinegar, sprouts, potatoes, and fermented foods.
  • Try an L. bifidus retention enema once a month to replenish friendly bacteria.
  • Use bifidus and acidophilus in supplement form to keep a proper balance of flora.
  • Use fiber every day. Flax seed or oat bran are recommended.
  • White cotton underwear is recommended as sometimes synthetic fabrics boost perspiration and worsen infection.

Helpful nutrients for this condition.

Vitamin B12
Importance: High
Comments: Aids in digestive process. Helps metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Lozenge or sublingual form is recommended.

Essential fatty acids (black currant seed oil and flaxseed oil are recommended)
Importance: High
Comments: Promotes healing. Keeps fungus from damaging cells.

Importance: High
Comments: Combats infection from candida. Nondairy formula is recommended.

Caprylic acid
Importance: High
Comments: Kills fungus and candida organisms.

Importance: High
Comments: Stops infection.

Importance: High
Comments: Promotes healing. Decreases allergic reactions from food. Lessens inflammation.

Importance: High
Comments: Helps absorb quercetin.

Vitamin B complex
Importance: High
Comments: Help with all body functions. Protect against infection. Good for the enzyme systems. Aids in healthy brain function. Yeast-free formula is recommended. Can get injections under a physician's care.

Importance: High
Comments: Keeps skin healthy.

Importance: Moderate
Comments: To make up for deficiencies. Calcium citrate form is recommended.

Importance: Moderate
Comments: Balances calcium.

Vitamin D
Importance: Moderate
Comments: Improves absorption of calcium.

Helpful herbs and supplements for this condition.

Aloe vera juice
Type: Internal
Purposes: Aloe vera is well recognized for being a safe treatment for a variety of ailments. The ancient Egyptians chose aloe vera to treat wounds from battles and heal infections. Not only can aloe vera be an antiseptic but also be an anti-inflammatory. In addition, the juice from the plant can increase the white blood cells capability to exterminate yeast cells.

Type: Internal
Purposes: Patented herbal formula that contains horopito (pseudowintera colorato) and anise extracts. Horopito has been in existence in its original form for 65 million years. The main active ingredient of Horopito is polygodial. Besides being effective against yeasts, polygodial also contains powerful antioxidant flavonoids.

Olive Leaf
Type: Internal
Purposes: Used since biblical times, Olive Leaf Extract, just from its symbol, gives you a sense of being protected. It is a powerful way to fend off harmful toxins & expedite healing of infections caused from microbes.

Pau d'arco
Type: Internal
Purposes: Also known as lapacho or taheebo. Has an agent that acts as antibacterial, as well as antifungal. Some people may not actually improve from drinking Pau d'arco tea. If that is the case with you, change over to clove tea. Even if Pau d'arco tea does help, it's wise to switch between Pau d'arco and clove tea, anyway. Clove tea will assist in healing different areas than Pau d'arco; Pau d'arco will also act differently than clove.
Dosage: Boil 1 quart distilled water with 2 tablespoons of Pau d'arco. Boil the mixture for five minutes. Cool it down and then place it in the refrigerator with the tea leaves in. Strain the mixture prior to use. Drink three to six cups daily.

Maitake Tea
Type: Internal
Purposes: Maitake Tea makes a good substitute if Pau d'arco proves to contra beneficial for removing toxins. Since different strains of candida grow quickly because of genetic mutation, a variety of teas will provide a wider range of benefits.

Wild Oregano Oil
Type: Internal
Purposes: This herb is a very potent antibacterial agent. Wild Oregano has been touted as being a natural antibiotic that might even be stronger than prescription antibiotics. As well as being an effective fighter against E-coli and staphylococcus bacteria, it has been said that the oil can kill fungi, as well.